Division of Neurosurgery

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About the Neurosurgery Unit


Integration of the Neurosurgery Unit and the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (facilities for Positron Emission Tomography and 3T MR) within the Neurosciences Critical Care Unit facilitates the study of acutely ill patients, as well as functional studies of the brain and strategies for repair.

We explore the pathophisiology of acute brain injury and its teraphy, assess novel therapies including radiological studies, validate the Centre's advanced bedside monitoring (transcranial Doppler, microdialysis, near-infrared spectroscopy, brain tissue oxygen) and explore mechanisms of coma and recovery. There are extensive programmes of research into hydrocephalus, haemorrhagic stroke and mathematical modelling of intracranial dynamic, and rigorous audit of the Centre's NGS services.

News & Events

  • News & Information: Congratulations to Prof Peter Hutchinson who has been appointed to the Head of Department taking over from Prof John Pickard as of the 1th of January 2014!
  • Events: ICM+® User's Club Meeting 2016
  • Research: ICM+® Software: flexible and innovotive software for neuro-intensive care monitoring.
  • Resources: Brain physics lectures: not only for engineers!