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3rd ICM+® User's Club Meeting

The meeting took place on Tuesday, June 28th (11:00 - 14:00) before International Symposium of Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring, ICP 2016, in Boston

This session was especially designed for current and future users of ICM+® software as well as researchers and clinicians interested in multimodal monitoring for clinical neurosciences, intensive care and other clinical/experimental practices.

The goals of the ICM+® session were:

  1. to gather the ICM+® users who focus on clinical/experimental monitoring
  2. to provide an international platform for exchanging experiences in utilizing ICM+® software for multimodal monitoring and medical data processing
  3. to discuss scientific findings from various research centers
  4. to demonstrate new functionality and methodologies recently incorporated in the ICM+® software

Programme of the meeting*:

Chairmen: Prof. Luzius Steiner & Prof. Marek Czosnyka

Secretary: Manuel Cabeleira (mc916@cam.ac.uk)

Keynote Dr. Peter Smielewski: ICM+ - the state of the art
1 Prof. Christina Haubrich: Autonomic system monitoring using ICM+
2 Prof Ken Brady: Experimental monitoring using ICM+
3 Dr. Eric Schmidt: CSF infusion study using ICM+
4 Prof Martin Schuhmann: Overnight ICP monitoring in hydrocephalic kids using ICM+
5 Dr. Bernd Schmidt: Non-invasive ICP assessment using ICM+
6 Prof Arminas Ragauskas: Use of ICM+ in Vilnus
7 Prof. Bart Depreitere: Nearly 100 beds for monitoring - how to do it using ICM+
8 Mr. Manuel Cabeleira: ICM+ in a networked ICU setting
9 Mr. Manuel Cabeleira: High volume multicenter brain monitoring project using ICM+
10 Prof. Charles Hogue: Monitoring 'Optimal ABP' during cardiac surgery using ICM+
11 Dr. Marcel Aries: Monitoring 'Optimal CPP' after TBI using ICM+
12 Dr. Celeste Dias: 'Optimal CPP' in clinical practice in a neuro-critical care unit: how do I do it with ICM+ in Porto
13 Dr. Andrei Oshorov: 'Optimal CPP' in clinical practice in a neuro-critical care unit: how do I do it with ICM+ in Moscow
14 Dr. Christopher Rhee: Studying pre-term cerebrovascular physiology using ICM+

All the talks are already available to download for the registered users here alongside presentation from the previous meetings.

The talks will also eventually be made available to all

Thank you so much for your participation and contributions

The Brain Physics Group at Cambridge